Part 8 : 35 Time Management Tips and Strategies To Be more Productive

# 32. Start Your Day Earlier than Others

By, Brian Tracy (

Start your day earlier than others. If you read successful biographies and autobiographies of men and women, almost all of them have one thing in common and that is the habit of sleeping at a reasonable hour and waking up early. By waking up before the whole world wakes up, you have time to plan your day early and get started on tasks first.  And you will not get interrupted from others.


# 33. Perform a Time Audit to control performance

Rosemary Rice, (

Realize your time is actually used, and choose the tasks that deliver the highest value by shortening as much as possible. Time audits can provide information about the use of time that produces positive changes. There are several easy ways to do this time audit, such as using color codes for different activities for color in chronodex.


# 34. Separate your three most important tasks

By, Chris Bailey (

At the beginning of the day, ask yourself: on this day what to do ?, choose the three things you want to accomplish today. This helps you select what you do not have to do and spend every time you can actually do more important things.


# 35. Time management is about mind management

By, Helene Segura (

At the end of each day, map the tasks to be performed the next day and how long each will be completed. Then schedule tasks to your calendar between appointments / schedules that already exist. Time management is all about mind management. Once you realize that you are in control of your time so you can tell what to do with that time.

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