Part 7 : 35 Time Management Tips and Strategies To Be more Productive

# 27. Schedule Everything!

By, Tim Bourquin (

If it can not be scheduled it can not be done!

For me, if not scheduled it can not be done! So scheduling every hour of my workday is important to focus and be productive. Even “free time” is used to pursue a goal.

Time management is about completing certain tasks every day, and the only way I know how to achieve goals is to see progress in small projects that I can accomplish every day. Every day I get one small part of a bigger goal and when I reach it I’m done for the day.

I also schedule a certain time of day to work on many things. If I do not schedule time then I do not do that in the day. Managing time means planning early. The last 30 minutes of my day are always set aside for the next business day schedule. It takes discipline, but it’s the only way I know to be productive.


# 28. Do not set an excess of self schedule

By, Mike Vardy (

Do not hyperschedule. Use calendars to organize them, such as daily tasks or weekly project tasks over a consistent time period (like writing your book from 5 am-8pm every business day) instead of allocating every minute of the day with something specific.

You can do list to detail because it is a design. However, do not make excessive designs even make unbalanced designs or create too illogical designs that are not logical.


# 29. Just do your first job

By Mark Manson (

My high school math teacher once told me that if you get stuck on a problem in math,

start writing down the numbers and you will find the answer bit by bit from your problem

This solution is not just for math problems. But in all life.

Every time there is a problem, and do not know how to solve it, then I do the smallest part of the task to start solving the problem. Small parts will start to enlarge and solve the problem.


# 30. Look for an easy way if one is automatic

By, Peggy Duncan (

People often choose to work harder and spend a lot of time finishing themselves. Work smarter.

Entrepreneurs should really be able to create more free time by creating a shorter process in completing their work. First, able to decide whether work is needed. If necessary and you have to do more than three times, you must develop the process of thinking out of the rules and create new, more efficient rules. Once you know the best way, such as choosing the right technology to solve it.


# 31. Eliminate unproductive activity

By Donald Latumahina (

Apply the 80/20 rule and eliminate your least productive activities. This act allows you to be productive without being busy. But first you must have clarity about your priorities and willingness to let go of some opportunities.

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