Part 6 : 35 Time Management Tips and Strategies To Be more Productive

# 23. Take Time to Pause and Think

By, Peter Bregman (

The most important thing for a busy businessman is to stop all activities and think for a moment. As a busy businessman, moving so fast from one thing to the next, even without a pause to just breathe.

But it was a mistake. Take at least 5 minutes in the morning to think about the day you will be passing.

For example;

What is most important to you to accomplish today?

Does the schedule match that priority?

Set the phone to ring every hour and, and ask yourself:

Do I do what I have to do most?

Am I the most I want?

And at the end of the day, take 5 minutes and ask yourself:

What did I learn today? Who should I say thank you?

And, what do I want to do tomorrow?

Often we think of time management as efficiency improvements. But some people are not effective. The key to being effective – to work on what matters most and leave everything else unimportant. It all requires thinking, planning, and execution hour by hour. That is the importance of taking the time lag to just think.


# 24. Creating unscheduled Time

By, Jocelyn K. Glei (

To build 2-4 hours of unplanned / structured time into your weekly schedule. A time set aside for learning, exploration, and thinking. For many busy businessmen this may seem counter-intuitive or weird. But this is important and has 2 main goals:

1. If you are constantly busy and do not have spare time even every minute of every day that drains your brain, and affects your: your cognitive abilities decrease, you become more likely to make mistakes, and you become less conscientious.

2. At the beginning of the Amazon, Jeff Bezos spends his Monday and Thursday to devote deep thought to the company’s vision. Making some “unstructured time” clear up the mind and that is the hallmark of successful CEOs because without it they will always react to problems ahead of them, and take the time to think about the company’s future.


# 25. Do the Most Important Things in the Morning

By, Kamil Rudnicki (

Use the best time to think. Many people waste time, so focus on being effective, doing the right thing at the right time. Working under pressure is not good. Feeling anxious not good.

You do not have to judge your success on the basis of your own results. The most positive outcome can be from things you do not have to do. Doing the most important things in the morning will avoid the wrong decision.


# 26. Prioritize Tasks Using the ABCDE Method

By, Tor Refsland (

prioritize tasks using the ABCDE method:

A: The task you have to do – serious consequences if not done

B: The task you have to do – the consequences are light if not done

C: The task you can do – no consequences if not done

D: Your assignment should be submitted

E: Your task is not done

This is a trick: You never do task B before you do all of A’s duties, and you never do a C job before you’ve done all the tasks B. Then apply the 80/20 rule to identify each day; 20% process and 80% yield, that’s the priority.

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