Part 5 : 35 Time Management Tips and Strategies To Be more Productive

# 18. Frame and Protect or re-think your thoughts

By, Maura Thomas (

Framing your thoughts. Time management is an old idea, and “attention” management is the new path to productivity. It’s not just about how you manage the time for the task at hand, but gives 100% attention to the task. You allocate time for the task, but it turns out to spend time for several different tasks, the end result will definitely be different from what you actually want.

Focusing attention means effectively managing internal and external distractions, and generating better quality work with faster time. Instead you are busy doing many tasks, but with unsatisfactory results and spending a lot of time.


# 19. Use Notecard system

By, Gregory Ciotti (

To better control the best time, start by understanding where you spend the most time. There are many tools / tools to see the time you spend, do time control with honesty, for example with lightweight-Marc Andreessen’s notecard system, you can control which time is more important and that is not important. Or you can use a simple way, namely by writing a manual on a short note, such as a memo to remind you of the use of time at work. Since you are not likely to remember everything, use it to organize all activities based on a timetable timed schedule.

That way, you’ll see what you prioritize and do. What work has been added and what additional work you have done, and always prioritize the time on your main job.


# 20. Create Priority Management

By, Ann Gomez (

Focus !!  Too many things overcome at once, because it will make a little progress. Consider what the activities are doing and their impact. Do not let other distractions dictate you out of your main focus. You need a solid priority management system to help manage your priorities.

We often refer to the term “Master Plan”.

List your priorities and all related tasks. Also create a list of other tasks that will be done outside of your priorities. There is a goal on each of your Master Plan, but you should know that the list of other tasks is a list beyond the priorities and done once your current priorities are achieved.


# 21. Make peace with yourself

By, Carson Tate (

As an entrepreneur, you must put yourself at the level of work more than your best ability because you have to be all in. You need time, effort, and more attention, put you at full speed. Think more, more than usual and never have time wasted. Do the best job then stop.


# 22. Reduce Your Cognitive Burden

By, Rodolphe Dutel (

Manage your cognitive load. Manage your cognitive loads so you do not have to “keep things in mind”. To do that, I use SaneBox to reduce my email load, so I document everything I think is important in Evernote. I run 35 separate Evernote Docs with notes chatting with important people, cracking down (questions, results and action items). All tasks can be prioritized and set my schedule clearly.

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