Part 4 : 35 Time Management Tips and Strategies To Be more Productive

# 14. Take time off for a vacation

At the point above you are really required to focus in time management to be more productive in the work. But it will be difficult to realize if you are in a state that is not good, either physically or psychologically you. That’s why you should take your time for a vacation. As mentioned above, you can be called having good time management when you have an effective time to work and have time to rest.

From some time management tips to be more productive in the work that has been described above, the real key is how you can know yourself. So it can have a schedule as you wish.


# 15. Take and Take Advantage of Just In Time Learning

By Pat Flynn at

“Just-in-time-learning” For me has changed everything.

That is, I just consume and learn content that is directly related to the task I’m working on. I will ignore the things that I find unimportant and out of the duties and responsibilities I’m working on or that I want to achieve. FOMO (fear of missing out), because so many great things are out there and we can not miss it.

You can make notes about the things that are important and potentially help what you are doing. Take note of these things for you to learn. All the content you learn really do in practice and action, do not learn that you are not in need right now.


# 16. Prioritize and Delegate

By, Elizabeth Rahmat (

Understand and know your personal priorities and put your professionalism, always plan your priorities in the schedule. Get the best “assistant” who can delegate scheduling and other routine activities you should do. This assistant can be a partner, friend, or assistant you hire and will be one of the drivers of work productivity and reduce your stress burden.


# 17. Just Star (Just Begin)

By, Craig Jarrow (

Just Start!

Most entrepreneurs never really start.

The brilliant business idea ended before the business really started.

Stop waiting for the time that you think is right …. because none of that time is really ideal. The ideal time is when you start something. Stop waiting for the product you think is perfect … get started with the product you have, even within the limitations! Stop wishing and waiting someday … because that day will never come.

Remember a saying “You will not finish anything … if you never start anything”

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