Part 3 : 35 Time Management Tips and Strategies To Be more Productive

# 8. Take time to rest

Good time management certainly does not forget your own needs. If you feel you have a good time management, you should never feel exhausted, because you have a good resting schedule.

But if you feel you do not have time to rest, it means your schedule and time management are not good and need to get repaired. You need to know, focus and consistency will you get if your body is also in good shape. One to make it happen is by providing time to rest.

# 9. Take time for unexpected things

If you want to have a good time management and be more productive at work, it’s good if you make time for unexpected things. Such as providing time for possible work that can not be completed within the expected time.

That way you can have more time to complete without interrupting your other work schedule. Of course this is only you who can understand and estimate it. But actually this can be overcome easily, as long as you understand what each task you should do.

# 10. Start work early

Time management tips to be more productive in the next job world is to start work early. This is also still related to the previous point, where you provide additional time for the unexpected.

If in the schedule you have to start work at 08.00 am, then do half an hour earlier. Then there is a good chance that you will get, first you can finish the job early, then the second if there is a possibility you should overtime due to unfinished work, then you’ve saved thirty minutes at the beginning of your work. In essence you have no disadvantages when doing work early.

# 11. Set your own deadline

It is equally important, if you have a schedule with a deadline long enough, then it is not a problem if you then set your own deadline. Jobs that should have a two-day deadline, you can set your own deadlines to be completed in a day or something.

In practice, this one tips is effective to be more productive in work. So you can finish more work in the same time. It does require a commitment and a good consistency in doing this, but certainly you will have more free time on the weekend.

# 12. Put a clock in front of you

This applies to you who are not familiar with the schedule and also the new time management. So you can put the clock in front of you, at least you can assume that your clock is your supervisor. So you have to match the schedule you have set.

In addition, the clock will also remind you that you must complete the job within a certain time already set. In practice this way proved quite effective in increasing productivity in the work.

Especially for you who are not familiar with the existing schedule, over time you do not need these hours. And can work on the schedule.

# 13. Utilize the weekend to work

Most people do spend the weekend on vacation, whether to relax with family or vacation somewhere. But actually if you want to use your weekend time to finish a bit of your work, then it will help you in the days that followed.

Actually acknowledged or not, you are not likely to use your entire weekend time for a vacation, there must be times where you relax and do nothing. at which point you can take advantage of your weekend time to get a bit of work done. Not having to finish a lot of work, at least you can lighten the work you have to do the next day.

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