# 8 Long-term and patient

All financial planning is made to shape or alter any personal bad financial habits. But to run perfectly, it takes time and process. Can not all change instantly in no time. Likewise with investments made. Never expect that we will get results as soon as possible in the shortest possible time. Just be patient. Do planning and investment for the long term. Be patient and monitor regularly to ensure that progress goes according to the big plan.

# 9 Minimize risk

If we talk about financial planning, the first thing to do is to set goals. It is important to be able to direct all the steps taken later. When it comes to investing, understanding its intruments becomes crucial. Do not invest because it is consumed by the sweet promises of the sellers. Keep in mind the nature of the business and the details of the instruments offered, the fairness of returns. I’m sure everything has been reading and watching information related to the fake investment. Short understanding and analysis can be a tool to detect similar investments in the future.

# 10 Do not forget: Give

All the income we earn, either from salary, honor or investment, is a gift from God Almighty. Therefore, it is our duty to give gratitude by giving in accordance with the teachings of respective religions. Begin with the obligations of diversity such as zakat, tithe and others. After that, do not be stingy to give and help others in need.

# 11 Keep learning

Lastly, never be satisfied with your knowledge in all aspects of financial planning. Keep learning, both from referrals and from experience and mistakes that we make during running financial planning, especially in investing. It is not wrong to say that experience is the best teacher

Lots of financial planning reference that we can meet on the internet, either in the form of information or sharing experiences from others who have run it. If necessary take a special class of financial planning or certification such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP). At the end, the best investment is investing in ourselves. The results can be enjoyed for a lifetime and obviously tax free, hehehe …

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