Part 2 : 35 Time Management Tips and Strategies To Be more Productive

# 4. Consistency

Once you have a good schedule and are perceived to fit your daily work, the next thing you must do is to do the schedule consistently. It may seem easy, but being consistent on a schedule is not an easy thing, even if it’s your own schedule. But if you really want to manage time to be more productive in work, then consistency to do work on schedule is mandatory thing that you must do.

Actually if this is your usual practice and become a habit, consistent perform tasks on schedule is not a difficult case. It’s just that maybe you need time to get really in line with the schedule.

# 5. Do not be afraid to say no

Time management tips to be more productive in the next job is to not be afraid to say no. The point is if in today you already have a full job, then do not be afraid to refuse another job. Unless you can do in the future.

Also do not be afraid if to refuse your friend’s invitation if it will interfere with your work schedule. For example in the middle of your work, you are invited to hang out or something, do not be afraid to say no, unless you want to ruin your work schedule.

If this becomes a habit, then one thing is unlikely that you will have good time management in the job, moreover to be more productive.

# 6. Recognize your time where you are more productive

It is important to recognize the time you can do more productive. Each person has their own productive time. For example you are more productive if doing work in the morning, then maximize the time to work. Or if you prefer to work at night, you can also focus your schedule to complete the work at night.

Recognizing the time when you are more productive is one of the important points, it can not be denied. Someone will be more productive if he feels comfortable doing the job. This can be supported from the productive time.

# 7. Avoid things that keep you out of focus

This is what often happens when you do a job, a sense of not focusing on ultimately undermining your work schedule. Therefore, you should avoid the things that would make you become unfocused.

These things like mobile phones, crowds or anything else. Make sure you are really comfortable and focused in doing your work. Focus can not be forced, but the focus can be created by yourself. As you focus on your work, your time will be more effective and efficient, and of course you will be more productive in your work.

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