# 5 Change bad habits before it’s too late

What kind of bad habits? Many. Overspending is one of them. But the bad habits that many occur is the absence of planning in making expenditure. The cool language: no family budget.

As a result a lot of unplanned expenses are going on, excessive lifestyles, and just realized when it was too late.

# 6 Wisely using debt

Not tall debt is ubad, even the country has many debts. The point lies in the choice of debt and how to manage debt. What can we buy with debt? Houses and vehicles? Still okay, because it can also be a productive asset. Credit card? It depends on usage. The thing to note is make sure that any debt we take has a source of return in the future.

If taking in monthly installments, calculate that the installment can be covered by monthly income (generally applicable formulation: maximum 35% of the income). If credit card debt, make sure we can pay off when due date.

Problems often occur on credit cards. Why? Because a lot of people who consider credit cards as additional funds, whereas the credit card function is a means of payment. As a result so impulsive, crazy shopping, especially when there is a 0% installment. Just bewildered when reading the monthly bill. So, be wise!

# 7 Multiple streams of income

As time goes by and revenue increase, we hope we can generate other income out of current income. Why is that? The reasons are, for example, to keep watch in case of unwanted things with the main job, increase income, beat inflation or as a preparation when retiring.

The investment here is broad, not limited to stocks. Can also be a mutual fund, property, gems, business or other investment. Please note, understand the instrument used as an investment. Never invest in an instrument or field that you do not understand.

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