Part 1 : 35 Time Management Tips and Strategies To Be Productive

Time is one of the important things to note, because for a second the time can never be repeated. Maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of time is one of the obligatory things you should do, especially in work. Time management is needed so you can be more productive at work.

While doing this is not an easy thing, it takes a habit and maybe a little coercion within yourself. However it is not impossible for you to have good time management. There are some tips and time management strategies for you to be more productive in working and you can do.

# 1. Create a “To Do List”

Time management tips to be more productive in the first work is to make a to do list. With this list you can predict and organize your schedule well.

In every day you will definitely have tasks that you have to do, you can design your daily schedule with your daily task list. That way you already have a schedule of what you should do in one day. Also do the following days to manage your time well.

# 2. Make schedules according to priority

Time management tips to be more productive in the next work is to learn to make the schedule according to priority. Suppose you have a task with the closest deadline, then prioritize the task in your schedule. Then you can also consider other priority scales, such as the level of urgency of work and so forth.Thus your work will be finished as your schedule, of course, is finished as it should be. No late deadlines, and such.

In making a schedule according to priority it is necessary to understand about each task you have to do. That’s why your job priority is only you who know it.

# 3. Do not delay work

This is what often happens, putting off work that is considered light and in the end accumulate in the back. This will actually spoil your schedule as a whole, so do not postpone the work you are supposed to be working on. Delayed work will hamper all your tasks.

Of course there are exceptions, pending work does not matter as long as you consider the previous point, which is the priority scale.

If you get a task with a vulnerable deadline time that is closer and can be faster you do, then you can do the task first. So in time management tips, can not just use points per point only, you have to do it overall.

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