# 1 Availability of cash funds

Cash is the king !! The availability of cash is an important part of family financial planning.

When discussing cash in family finances, there are two main focuses. First, the emergency fund. Indispensable in emergency conditions that cost money in a short time. And the second is liquidity, to cover short-term obligations.

The case of Johnny Depp’s bankruptcy is one example of a lack of liquidity in his personal financial planning. Though the assets are owned very much, but unfortunately the majority of non-liquid assets.

# 2 Protect your financial condition

The availability of emergency funds, starting to invest and having life insurance are three things that can be started to protect personal financial conditions in the event of emergencies or unwanted risks.The sacrifices made now (by setting aside money to save or buying insurance) will be paid by the protection in the future.

# 3 Pay yourself first

Most people have the same answer if asked how much is saved each month: depending on the remaining monthly salary. If the answer is like this still can not be guaranteed there will be salary remaining for savings. Right?

Just like Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings, saving must be set aside in the beginning and live off the remaining salary. Our standard of living will be familiar with such financial conditions, and on the other hand we can build savings and investments for the future.┬áIf you do not know how much to set aside per month, at least try is to set aside 10% of monthly income in the form of savings or investment.

# 4 Spend money wisely

It is clear that if we are not wise in spending our money it will end up with problems because there may be unmet basic needs. For people who are too extravagant in shopping and impulsiveness, especially with the “big pegs from the pole” condition, will naturally lead us to a financial problem that requires the sale of assets for the settlement.So when going to shop, first identify whether the goods to be purchased is a need or want.

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