HABIT 7 (Part 2) : Sharpen the Saw: Principles of Balanced Self-Renewal

Success in Habit 4, 5 and 6 is, not about intellectual, but emotional; This is very much related to feelings personal security. The ultimate security flavor comes from within, from accurate paradigms and correct principles in mind and heart we. It comes from living in the integrity of life, where habit daily will be reflected in the deepest personal values.

There is also a deep sense of security that comes as a result of life effective interdependence and from serving, from helping others on the road meaningful. Every day, we can serve others by making unconditional love savings.

Balance in Renewal.

Personal updates should include balanced remarks of the four dimensions – physical, spirit, mental and social / emotional. Abandonment one area gives a negative result in the end.

The same concept also occurs in organizations. The process of continuous improvement is a characteristic of the Total Quality movement

Synergy in Renewal.

Something you do to sharpen a chainsaw one of its dimensions have an impact on other dimensions, because they are very closely related.

Daily Personal Victory, at a minimum level an hour every day to renew personal dimensions, is the key to development Seven Habits and perfecting the circle your influence. Also the foundation of Private Victory Daily. That is the source of the essential security you need to hone chainsaw in the social / emotional dimension.

Ascending Spiral.

Renewal is the principle and process that strengthens us to moving up the spiral of growth and change, an improvement continously.

The education of conscience is vital to the real leader proactive and highly effective. Conscience is a gift that can feel our suitability or difference (disparity) with that principle right and lift us up. Train and educate the conscience requires regular abundance in the inspired literature, teaching in noble thought, and living in harmony.

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