HABIT 6 (Part 2): Synergy: Principles of Creative Cooperation

The problem to develop team synergy is the number of free people who are trying to succeed in the reality of interdependence. They talk win /win, but by manipulating the others.

The heart of intrapersonal synergy is the third habit, which provides sufficiency internal security to control the risk of being open and easily attacked. In addition, by learning to use left brain: logic, with right brain: emotion, we develop a psychic synergy that fits into reality, which is both logical and emotional.

Appreciate the Difference

The essence of synergy is to appreciate the difference in mental, emotional and

psychological among the people. The key to appreciating that difference is to realize that everyone views the world from a different perspective. A truly effective person has humility and respect

to recognize the limits of his perceptions and realize resource richness / proper source through the interaction of heart and mind from the other side of humanity.

We see something the same, but interprets differently, our circumstances that caused it. Otherwise, we assess the difference in perception, and try to understand that life is not always something dichotomized (right or wrong), there is a third alternative, we do not will never be able to exceed our condition threshold.

To generate synergy, the concept of win / win, understanding synergy

and joint search is used to work together. For that to involve people in the process, so they understand, what makes the problem. They will be an important part of the solution. As a result, various targets can be created, so the company can move forward.

The legal process should be the last resort, not the first, to be placed most recently for making it into blocks, creating synergies things that can not possibly be real.

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