HABIT 6 (Part 1): Synergy: Principles of Creative Cooperation

Exercise from other habits has prepared us to synergism. The meaningful synergy of the total number is greater than the sum of each part.

A way to achieve synergy through the creative process, which can sometimes be frightening, because you never know where the creative process will take you.


Synergistic Communication

Synergistic communication is opening your mind and heart to new possibilities.

Most creative endeavors are unpredictable, and if not because people have high tolerance against their ambiguity will find the thing it is not fun to join a company with high creativity.

High trust will lead to communication and cooperation

Synergistic communication must be achieved to develop creative possibilities, including a better solution than original proposal. If synergies are not achieved, sometimes efforts always work in a better compromise.


Synergistic in Business

Excitement can replace the ego with respect. However, synergistic experiences can rarely be made specifically. More often, new experiences must be sought.

By making synergistic mission statements, things are engraved in the heart and thoughts of participants.


Fishing for a Third Alternative

The “middle” path may not be compromised, but there are third alternative, like the top of a triangle. With a joint search to understand , participants collecting his wishes. They work together on the same side to create a third alternative, to meet the needs of everyone.

Each participant takes what they want, and they build. its relationship in a process.


Negative Synergy

A win / lose approach that can result in negative energy expenditure. It’s like trying to drive with one foot on the gas pedal, and the other on the brake pedal. They will put more pressure to strengthen their position, making more resistance. Contrast with cooperative approach to achieve success.

What is the problem to establish synergy in a team, and how to resolve?

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